Monday, March 30, 2009

Park and a Spring Training game

I finally was able to upload these pictures from AZ. We took advantage of another nice evening playing at a park. After being in our house alot because of the cold weather it was nice to go outside and let the kids burn off some energy in nice sunny weather. (This post has lots of were warned!)
Brooklyn was very independent on the slide. She made me nervous every time she went down but never fell.

Mackenzie is a good big sister and they really do get a long most of the time thank goodness.
Uncle Jimmy had them race.
Brooklyn short little legs just couldn't keep up! She made a good effort.
At the baseball game

The kids were more interested in the snacks then the game

Or in trying to drive the stroller
Another fun day. I actually got sunburned! I'll take it...better then the pasty white I am usually.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More AZ fun

It was so nice not to be bundled up to go outside. We took advantage of the sunshine and played outside. I am missing that sunshine right now since we have winter storm warnings and it is almost April! Ugh!

I had to add this since I haven't seen it on my brothers blog. Hope you don't mind Jim. Isn't he adorable! He is such a funny little kid.

Brooklyn loved the freedom to run and play wherever in a privacy fenced backyard!

The things kids say

This was too funny to forget. Today I was driving in to teach, the girls were with me, and it smelled like Brooklyn had a poopy diaper. Since I forgot to check before our quick exit out of the house I asked her, "Brooklyn are you poopy?" Her quick little personality said, "No........Mackenzie did it!" I died laughing! She doesn't miss a thing that is said or done around our house. Thanks to Brandon who always blames his toots (as they are called in our house) on one of us girls. I thought it was funny how she hardly paused before saying Mackenzie did it. She is quite the character!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wild World Zoo

Two weeks ago we visited my brother and his family in Arizona. What a nice change of weather from our dismal, cold, dry, ugly weather in Montana. Brandon spent the trip at a CE course while the girls and I played. We went to the Wild World Zoo and the girls loved it. Brooklyn was happy in the stroller as long as Brooke kept giving her snacks. Thanks Brooke! Mackenzie had fun but she got hot, go figure. So did I but it was nice to be in shorts and short sleeved shirts instead of a parka!
The kids kept calling Marty when we were at the Zebras.
How rude! Doesn't he know people are watching! Monkeys are funny animals. Maybe because they are so human-like or vice-versa. Anyway, I thought this was hilarious. The kids got a good laugh too.
Giraffes are just weird. This was like a family of them I think. This is the baby giving the mom a kiss but check out the mom picking her nose with her tongue!
Check out the tongue on that animal. No wonder it can so easily take care of it's nose. Neither of the girls wanted to feed the giraffe. Can you blame them? I didn't want that long thing to wrap around my hand either, especially when it had just picked it's nose!

Brooklyn had never been to a zoo so she loved it and Mackenzie thought it was cool seeing the lions, tigers, zebras, giraffes, and the rhino even if it was being a bump on a log.

Thanks for taking us!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

The sneaky little leprechaun came to our house and turned our toilets green! Mackenzie thought it was funny and wondered what else he had done. Unfortunately with being gone I didn't have anything else planned. She was a little disappointed. Next year I guess I better do better. Brooklyn was confused, partly because she had just woken up and Mackenzie drug her into the bathroon to show her before she left for school.

I was told to make a green lunch. Mackenzie thought it was funny when she opened it. Doesn't it just look appetizing! ( I know it doesn't look like I feed my kid but she doesn't eat much at lunch. She is too worried about having time to play at recess or she is talking.)

Of course we had a green breakfast with green eggs on a green plate and green forks (just Brooklyn) and green juice. Yum! The girls weren't too sure about it but they ate it anyway.
I had not gotten Brooklyn dressed in her green before Mackenzie had to leave for school but Mackenzie insisted we take their picture. I love the smile, if you want to call it that, on Brooklyn's face. I crack up every time I see it.

We had a fun day and even Brandon wore green to work! What other fun things did you do for St. Patrick's Day? I would love other fun ideas for next year.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mackenzie's 2nd time skiing

Brandon took me skiing for the first time and Mackenzie's second time on valentines day. I was quite hilarious at first but then got the hang of it. It didn't take Mackenzie long to remember. We would get to the top of the bunny hill and she would say, "see you at the bottom" and off she'd go. There was a little 4 year old girl there that would fly down the hill. She showed me up! A fun day anyway!

A little late but oh well

Valentines day came and went it seems that is why it is now I am posting this. I wanted sugar cookies since I hadn't made them for probably years. We invited friends over to frost them so we wouldn't have as many to eat. Although I ate most of them anyways! The cookies tasted great and the kids had fun!

We heart attacked Brandon's side of the bed. The girls had fun decorating the hearts, well Mackenzie was very particular about it and Brooklyn just wanted to throw the crayons and eat the fire balls!

We painted fingernails and toenails too. You can't tell really but Brooklyn wouldn't sit still, go figure. It was like painting dots for her fingers and toes because they are so small.

Brandon is the best horse...and dad!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

Mackenzie decided we were going to take advantage of the nice weather we had a week ago and have a picnic. The menu of choice was good ol' pb and honey. She made all of the sandwiches and even put them in baggies with our names on them. She gathered everything else..blanket, chips, fruit, drinks, plates, and napkins. She was very proud of herself and we were too! Thanks Mackenzie!! The sandwiches were delicious and we had a lot of fun!

Helping Brooklyn not "spill" or squeeze or capri sun everywhere!

Can you tell they LOVE their dad!

Mackenzie and her neighbor friend took Brandon on several trips around our neighborhood. They probably rode a good 5 miles making laps around.

As you can see we have no snow and haven't for a while. I know it's Montana and we should have a ton. It has been so sad. Brooklyn wanted to ride in her sled so we used the grass. It just isn't the same!

Can't forget jump roping! Does anyone remember all the funny things you sang while jumping rope? I am being reminded of all the silly songs..they haven't changed much!

More bike riding!

Brooklyn had to ride too! I think the sweet glasses helped her ride fast!

Hopscotch of course!

Like the hand position Brandon!

Brooklyn got tired of her little bike. Brandon was helping her pop a wheely!

We had a very fun filled day. Thank you sunshine for coming out and letting us enjoy being outside again!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Brooklyn at the Sock Hop

I forgot to add this to the sock hop post. Sorry you have to turn your head to watch the video. Didn't take the time to figure out how to turn it. Anyway, this is Brooklyn with Brandon obviously. But there is a little boy who comes to dance with her. I missed the first time he did cause I was switching batteries. It was so cute! He even kissed her hand the first time and Brooklyn gave him a hug. We didn't know him or his parents and his parents were as surprised as we were. This is way too young to be starting this isn't it! (This was towards the end so they were kind of done playing the oldies) Enjoy! I hope it works.


Yep you read that right, pengaroo! Ever heard of it? Me either until Brooklyn said it while cleaning up her bath toys. I held the penguin and asked her what it was and with very little hesitation she said, "pengaroo." We got a good laugh, she got a little embarrassed because she new it wasn't right once she said it, then we laughed some more because she started saying and doing waddle, waddle, hop, waddle, waddle, hop. It sounded good to her!