Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I am just a little behind on posting since tball is now over! Whoops! Mackenzie played on the Lolo Dental Clinic Team with Brandon and our neighbor as coaches. She really had a good time and improved quite a bit. After the first game all I could do is laugh because it really was a mess. The kids got better every game though. We'll see if she plays baseball again next year.
I was trying to get a candid shot of her team on the bench. Well, she saw the camera and shot me a smile. Notice she is the ONLY one looking at me!

Brandon taught her to squish the bug with her back foot and she listened.
The action!!

Wright's visit

Brandon's parents came to visit the beginning of April. We took them to Lolo hot springs (definitely not Fairmont), then to Lolo pass. I don't know how many feet of snow there was at the pass but a ton and it is only 25 miles from our house! Thankfully we don't get that kind of snow at our house. Since we really didn't much snow at the house this year the girls loved all of it there. Unfortunately we weren't prepared to play in it and the girls were disappointed. we also went geocaching. A favorite activity with them, that is if Ed can figure out his GPS!!!!! Good times anyway.
If Mackenzie has sunglasses on Brooklyn has to also. She loves showing off her gum!

We probably shouldn't have climbed on top of the visitors center but it was closed anyway. Too much snow for me!

Easter fun

These are all out of order but oh well at least I am getting them up. We ended the day with the Wright family tradition of egg rolling. Our neighbors joined us and the kids had fun racing their eggs. Because the ground is so rocky most of the eggs were destroyed by the end. The last time we did it we used a concrete driveway and that was worse!

Before our egg roll we had a small egg hunt outside with our neighbors again. We had lots of good spots to hide. Of course none too obvious! This one was probably the best because the kids got candy!

Brooklyn only lasted about 10 minutes decorating eggs.
Mackenzie could have spent hours decorating them!
Easter morning was fun. Brooklyn was still confused this year until she figured out there was candy in her basket and the eggs the Easter bunny hid. I think the eggs with money were the favorites. The girls love to "feed" their pigs!

We actually had very nice weather which made the day all the more enjoyable. Mackenzie is getting old enough now she is starting to figure out and ask if the Easter bunny is real, and all the others too. It is kind of sad. She is still a believer for now and hopefully we can keep it that way for a few more years!