Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sick and tired....

Of being sick and tired. Our family has been hit with more sickness in the last 6 weeks then we have the past few years. First it was throw ups and now it has been colds, coughs, running noses, stuffy noses, fevers, sinus infections, Brooklyn's first ear infection, you get the pictures. It definitely makes me SOOOOO grateful for good health and healthy kids. Now that we are all coming back around it's time to play catch up from not getting anything done. Always fun but at least we are on the up side of sick. Yeah!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sock Hop

Mackenzie's school had a sock hop, or 50's night, on Friday. The girls didn't have anything to wear and neither did two other friends so us moms decided to make some poodle skirts. They were really easy, of course after many phone calls to my mom "just making sure" I got it right since we only used the pattern to cut it out. I thought they turned out so cute. Of course Mackenzie loved hers and Brooklyn REALLY loved hers. She would twirl in it, dance, twirl some more....not what I would expect from her but whatever. At least she kept it on, right! They even kept the scarfs on. We all had fun dancing to the good oldies music. ( I was supposed to have one too but being sick all week I was lucky to get theirs done. Plus they are cuter in them anyway!)