Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mackenzie's Big Recital

Mackenzie has been taking piano for about 8 months. She had her 2nd recital and did great. It is funny how particular and precise she is. She plays a little soft but it was awesome. She was very brave and played all by herself. She is the youngest of all the kids that played. We are very proud of her.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tball 2

I forgot to add this one of her running home. The rules are everybody hits and advances one base. The last batter hits a grand slam and hits everyone in. There are no outs of course. Mackenzie loved to run the bases. That is if she was paying attention or if she had to be yelled at to run. Most kids had to be yelled at from parents in the stands and obviously the coaches would kindly push then along. They were too busy talking to friends or daydreaming or something to pay attention to when the ball was hit. Mackenzie would always be running with a smile on her face.
The first video was the beginning of the season. Brooklyn loved to say "hit that ball Mackenzie." I never got her on video saying it. The second video was at the end of the season. Brandon was recording and Mackenzie knew it so she was running and smiling at him the whole way. Goof ball! The last two games was coach pitch and for some reason I don't have that video. That is how we practiced at home so she did well. It was a fun season although I am glad it is over because of I was tired of chasing Brooklyn and trying to keep her off the field and away from her dad or favorite sister!