Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mackenzie R. 1st Grader

Okay so it doesn't have the same ring as Junie B. First Grader but oh well. Mackenzie started 1st grade today! It seemed like yesterday she started kindergarten, then she was done, and now first grade. The summer went by way to fast. Mackenzie was very excited to go back to school and only shed a few quick tears. I could have kept her here for much longer because she is such a good helper and playmate for Brooklyn. After one day, Brooklyn is missing her sister. She asked all day if it was time to pick up Mackenzie from school. She was thrilled when she finally got home. Hopefully we have another great year ahead!

Mackenzie on the last day of Kindergarten

First day of kindergarten 2008
She looks so little. I hate kids growing up!