Wednesday, December 30, 2009

November review

November went by so fast. We were trying to be on the ball and have all of Christmas done before the baby came. We were successful! The girls thought it would be funny to stick a ball under their shirts to look like mom. There was no bumper belly being played with me but they sure had fun!

Aren't they so scary! Forgot to put it on last month.
For family night we played red light green light. The girls had so much fun being carted around by Brandon or trying to cart him around. Mackenzie found out really quick that wasn't so easy.

Brooklyn the goof or dare-devil. She is always up to or into something. She is swinging on the oinger-boinger bands, just bungy cords with handles. She LOVES these. All the other kids in her class won't do it but she would do it all day if you let her.
The girls tried to catch snow on their tongues. They weren't very successful since the flakes weren't very big.

FINALLY, after 9 years of marriage I got Brandon to put Christmas lights on the house. He wasn't so thrilled but did it anyway. Thanks B they looked great!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

October review....this is a long one!

They must have a dentist for a dad! Why else would a 6 year old and a 2 year old have flossers and actually be using them. (Sorry for unclothed 2 year old!)
Playing out side painting rocks while it was still "fall" or just winter without the snow. BRRR!
More soccer...who plays soccer in sweatshirts and sweatpants? I guess we do and it was only the middle of October. I am a fair weather type of person so I struggles sitting at those games.
Can she lose any more teeth! Two more are loose now but thankfully the others are filling the gaps. Thank goodness dad can pull them out or they would be in there forever!

Looks like fun right....not if it comes the beginning of October. The girls sure had fun, especially Brooklyn who built the first snowman of the year with her dad. I think she forgot what snow was from last year.

We had to do something to beat the frigid weather we had so we played at our little indoor splash park. The girls could have stayed there all day. Trying to fit into my normal swimming suit at 7 months pregnant wasn't too fun but we managed.

Brandon wanted to go pheasant hunting with my brothers and dad in Oregon so we took a little trip home again. I didn't even get a picture of his birds but he did well and had fun. Of course we had to leave a pumpkin for Kayla since it was almost halloween. Mackenzie is the most sensitive little girl. Every time we visit her sister she cries, especially when it is time to leave. She was Brooklyn's age(now) when all of that took place but she remembers alot and always hates to "leave my sister here." Me too kiddo.
I had the brilliant idea of making our own trick-or-treat bags. They were easy and fun and now will be used for years to come. I was even smart enough to make one for the baby. I love Brandon's crafty side!
Cheese ball at soccer. Again wanted me to take her picture.
So sad...The day came we got rid of my pilot and yep bought a minivan of all things. I fought Brandon on it but he convinced me it was more practical with 3 kids and hauling neighbors around, ya know the soccer mom status. I gave in and now we have an odyssey. We like it but I don't love it like I did my pilot. I just can't get over the fact that I drive a minivan. It is really stupid but true. I can't wait for the day I can have another suv.

We made a day of car buying and visited the dinosaur museum in Bozeman. The girls thought most of it was cool but the big ones scared Brooklyn.
What a Sunday entails....wearing their yellow shirts (don't ask me why but it is Brooklyn's favorite shirt) and sweats playing with blocks or other games after church. Did I mention she(Brooklyn) rips out her hair to when she changes clothes. Why bother!

Playing outside before the time change.
Carving pumpkins. Brooklyn thought the inside was pretty fascinating.

The dunce hat? I don't know she just got it from the bank and decided to make a hat out of it!
Mackenzie's halloween party at school. Brooklyn was thrilled to be able to spend some time with her big sister at school and be dressed just like her! Costumes were easy this year and no one complained!

Just before trick-or-treating. The coats and gloves weren't on yet!
I am so glad Brandon likes to be cold.
The stash. Brooklyn could have eaten all the candy in one sitting but Mackenzie could eat one a day if that. Brooklyn must be my child and Mackenzie is definitely her dad!

Monday, December 28, 2009

September review

Since I can't seem to keep up with blogging I am doing a recap of the months to catch things up. September was busy with Mackenzie starting school, piano, and soccer for the first time. We requested she be on a team with one of our friends with hopes of her not being so shy and timid. That friend then asked Brandon to help coach. She was right at home and did great! The herd around the ball was so funny to watch. She got called for hands ( I think) one time and she just broke down in tears. This picture is Brandon trying to keep her calm after that!

There were actually some pretty good kids on some of the teams which was good for her to see and get a better idea of how the game goes.

Then there is Brooklyn who is a nut. As you can see she is fully potty trained well before the baby and after only a little bit of persistence on my part when school started. Thank goodness for that!
Aren't they a little young? I thought the same thing and look at her smile! What do I have to look forward to. Yikes! This is the coaches son who she plays with in nursery at church.
All she wanted me to do was take her picture. Just open your eyes! She loved going to Mackenzie's soccer games, not to watch but to run around and play with the other kids. Go figure!

We gave her the same incentive as Mackenzie but she didn't take it as seriously. If she could keep her undies dry she could get a fish. Well, she did so we got a fish. mackenzie got to pick one too. Thank goodness the adults feed the poor things or they would have been dead a long time ago!
Mackenzie is such a good big sister. Now that she can read they curl up on each others beds and she reads to Brooklyn. Since we are mean parents and tell them to stay in there room on Saturdays until it is light outside, this fills the time.
Brooklyn loves to be in the middle of everything. I don't know if I call her my big helper or my bit mess maker. She runs the bosch when I make bread and she is so excited when I let her.
The girls loved the Osprey baseball game and Ollie. Well, that was from a distance because Brooklyn freaked when he actually got close to us. she usually has no fear so this made us laugh to think something scared her.

September in a nutshell. Mackenzie wasn't so sure of her school teacher but quickly learned to like her. She is a great teacher and keeps the kids on track.

More updates to come in the next few days.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mackenzie R. 1st Grader

Okay so it doesn't have the same ring as Junie B. First Grader but oh well. Mackenzie started 1st grade today! It seemed like yesterday she started kindergarten, then she was done, and now first grade. The summer went by way to fast. Mackenzie was very excited to go back to school and only shed a few quick tears. I could have kept her here for much longer because she is such a good helper and playmate for Brooklyn. After one day, Brooklyn is missing her sister. She asked all day if it was time to pick up Mackenzie from school. She was thrilled when she finally got home. Hopefully we have another great year ahead!

Mackenzie on the last day of Kindergarten

First day of kindergarten 2008
She looks so little. I hate kids growing up!