Monday, January 4, 2010


Marin Lucille Wright
December 11, 2009
6 lbs. 7 oz.
18 3/4 inches
7:53 a.m.
(To pronounce her name say Mawin like Brooklyn and replace the 'w' with an 'r.' It shouldn't sound like Karen.)

Our best Christmas present arrived 2 weeks early!
This pregnancy was pretty uneventful as far as emergency situations. I almost prefer the emergency over the anticipation and anxiety of a sheduled day. We arrived at the hospital at 5:45 am where I was prepped, etc. It was so laid back it seemed very foreign. At 7:35 my doctor began. Because things were less stressful, Brandon watched almost the entire thing over the curtain. He gave me the play by play which is almost worse, especially knowing (and smelling) my flesh burning as the took out old scar tissue. Everything looked great even though I carried her even lower then the other girls. At 7:53 she made her debut into the world, crying as soon as her mouth and nose hit air and peeing 2 times before she made it to her warming table. Along with her crying which was very comforting, all I heard was "look at all the hair she has." Maybe the old wives tale is true that if you have heart burn during pregnancy your child has lots of hair. I certainly had my share of it! She had no complications and "pinked" up right away. We couldn't believe how much she weighed. We were anticipating a 5 pounder so to have one in the 6 pound range was big for me. Although Kayla is still the biggest at 6lbs 11 oz., Marin comes in second. She sure didn't seem that big and I don't know where I put her but we will take her. She is healthy and such a calm baby, only crying when she is hungry. Now if we could just get a little more sleep that would be even better!
Her sisters love her almost too much. They are difinitely proud big sisters!