Wednesday, December 30, 2009

November review

November went by so fast. We were trying to be on the ball and have all of Christmas done before the baby came. We were successful! The girls thought it would be funny to stick a ball under their shirts to look like mom. There was no bumper belly being played with me but they sure had fun!

Aren't they so scary! Forgot to put it on last month.
For family night we played red light green light. The girls had so much fun being carted around by Brandon or trying to cart him around. Mackenzie found out really quick that wasn't so easy.

Brooklyn the goof or dare-devil. She is always up to or into something. She is swinging on the oinger-boinger bands, just bungy cords with handles. She LOVES these. All the other kids in her class won't do it but she would do it all day if you let her.
The girls tried to catch snow on their tongues. They weren't very successful since the flakes weren't very big.

FINALLY, after 9 years of marriage I got Brandon to put Christmas lights on the house. He wasn't so thrilled but did it anyway. Thanks B they looked great!

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