Thursday, May 20, 2010


Since Mackenzie's new bike is a "mountain" bike, Brandon decided he was going to take her on a mountain bike ride. He took her on a dirt road trail not too far from our house to give her the feel of it. She did great, especially climbing, but didn't enjoy the downhill much. Hmm....reminds me of someone, me maybe! She really had a fun time.

This is what Brooklyn does at Mackenzie's games when she isn't cheering "go Mackenzie go" while Mackenzie is at bat. She is a little monkey!
Nice shot of dad and daughter

One of Mackenzie's at bats. She went through a short period where she couldn't hit a single pitch and had to hit off the tee again. It didn't seem to bother her and now she is back to hitting well. In safety ball the last batter hits everyone in and this time she is the last batter.

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  1. Way to go with the biking. We love to bike as a family but haven't taken the kids on any mountain trails yet. Luckily we have great paved trails all around us. Looks like fun.